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Canada's Oldest Foundry

Solutions To Your Casting Requirements…

Welcome to Alloy Foundry where we have been producing sand castings since 1840. Originally an iron foundry, we have produced everything from cannons and farm implements to stoves and hi tech industrial castings.

Today we are a small jobbing foundry, casting in iron, aluminum, and bronze. We specialize in short runs, at times as low as one unit. We work closely with designers and renovation specialists to bring new products to market or bring back that missing historical artifact.

Electric induction furnaces, expert sand molding and a dedicated work force have allowed us build on our historic past.

We would be pleased to discuss your casting needs. Please contact us at:


(613) 269-4755 Tel.
(613) 269-3510 Fax
(800) 771-8652 Toll Free


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